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Your Bachelor Or Bachelorette Party With COVID

When it comes to 2020, there have been many events that have been canceled. From concerts to birthdays, wherever there is a large gathering, there is fear of the spread. Once 2021 came around, many of us were excited to continue with everyday life, but there is still cause for concern. COVID 19 is still spreading; however, as we continue to navigate our everyday lives in this new normal, there are ways that you can enjoy one of the most exciting times in your life, the Bachelor and Bachelorette Party.

Although no location is currently at zero risks of COVID-19 transmissions, you can consider differences to make your trip still possible while remaining safe with your squad.


As we heard many times over the news, the key to reducing the spread is testing. The sooner you know of a positive test result, the sooner you can alert your party, hotel, and airline. This doesn’t mean that you would have to reschedule, but it does lead to our next important point.


The sooner you have the results, the sooner you can isolate. According to the CDC, you need ten days of isolation after a positive test result until you are no longer contagious. Even if you are not positive, it is recommended to isolate before the trip to help you decrease exposure in your everyday errands.

Continued Isolation

When you finally have everything you need for your flight, you need to worry about your destination. You might be excited to stay in an all-inclusive hotel, but there is no need to stay there when it comes to booking with BIDO. We encourage everyone to book in a private rental away from the large crowd that comes with a hotel. We will still offer you everything you might need before and during your stay but with less exposure. At the end of the day, the place where you lay your head might just be a place to sleep before you tackle the day.

Eating and Drinking

There is no way to tell how safe a restaurant is. Some places are at 1/4th the capacity, while others are not placing any restrictions on the number of guests. This means when you are ready to go out for a night on the town, it is up to you to go on a case-by-case basis. If sitting outside is not an option, you can enjoy your private rental with catering and bringing the party to you! With BIDO, the party is wherever you are located, and let's face it, at the end of the day, it's about who you are with.

Worse Case Scenario

Traveling during a pandemic means that you definitely need to have a backup plan. Make sure that you have insurance to give yourself leeway while you travel if there is a need to cancel your plans. You can purchase an additional policy known as to cancel for any reason, so self-explanatory. It may not provide full coverage but should reimburse some of the costs for coronavirus coverage.

Today we have many reasons to expect the unexpected. Prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario but be ready to celebrate as well. Stay positive and know that BIDO has your back in whatever you need to feel safe during your travels.


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