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The beauty of Medellin, Colombia

Colombia has slowly established itself as a major tourist destination! This beautiful country will draw you in with its Caribbean coastline, rainforest, endangered animals, and amazing culture. The capital of Colombia’s Antioquia province has transformed itself over the past 20 years to a vibrant community with a heritage that will leave you wanting to learn spanish fast! When it comes to a bachelor party this has become a top destination that has left party and adventure seekers speechless!

When it comes to the crazy history of Medellin you and your boys can enjoy a private half-day Pablo Escobar Godfather Tour where you can hear stories about the man who formed the Medellin Cartel and was known as one of the most powerful criminals in the world. If you need real time action let us book for you a ATV tour through the mountains. Hit various off-road trails and pass through open fields where you can go as fast and wild as you want!

Find yourself soon embracing the nightlife with this now modern metropolis with its plenty of high quality bars and clubs! Gusto Nightclub will bring you the best disco until 4am with amazing service, local beers and beautiful women. When the club life starts to sound a bit boring take a look at some more loca entertainment with some amazing strip clubs. Beautiful women with private dances might be the standard go to for a bachelor trip. With plenty of strip clubs to choose from there might be a new destination every night one your trip, just tell us what you are looking for and your VIP table will be ready upon arrival.

Whether you are looking forfull homes with private pool or an apartment suite with views of the city life, with BIDO Events you don’t have to worry about where you lay your head. We will provide various options to help your stay be as comfortable as possible. With a personal chef and transportation you don’t have to go out of your way for either. Focus on the adventure, the nightlife and the endless sights. Book today with BIDO!


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