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Bachelor Party Themes

Gentlemen, the ladies will have the balloons and sparkles ready to explode at a moment's notice, but we still have a few tricks up our sleeves. If you are the best man, you are probably reading this because you have no idea what to do besides the obvious party mode you will all be in. But a Bachelor Party is so much more than drinking and gambling. This is a time to make memories in a way that you will only do (hopefully) once for your best friend. Make it an epic trip with themes that will not only crack everybody up but will create new memories that can be talked about with the bride later.

Marvel Vs. DC

Some of you are Superman, but others are Batman. You might be straight from another planet or embraced the dark, but whatever you're into, this is a theme many of us can get behind. Tell the group that handmade costumes only. This will not only save money but see your friends try to get creative or put together costumes that clearly look like they got their girlfriend's help will be good fun all around. And if someone forgets to dress up, have a backup of a lame superhero. Ever heard of matter eater, man….yeah, look it up.

Dress Like Your Birthday Month

Unless you all have the same birthday, this requires a little bit more creativity but is super easy to put together. Say you were born in October; your costume could be Halloween-themed. If you were born in August, then get dressed up like a girl ready for pumpkin spiced lattes! Have fun guessing what the costume means and see what others think as well.

Dress As The Bride

We have all seen the trend where girls go out in old wedding dresses that they found in Goodwill; why not do the same? You are in a city where no one knows you, and who cares! Don't tell the groom. Just get ready while he is changing, and tell him to put on a nice button-up with slacks. As soon as he walks out, he'll be walking all of you down the aisle.

Luau Night

Listen, we can't all be creative geniuses such as yourself. If your group isn't great with costumes or planning, then this theme might just be what you need. Appropriate decorations are cheap with tiki torches, inflatable palm trees, and maybe even a kiddy pool filled with water (depending on the venue). From there, all that is missing are Hawaiian shirts and leis. Easy to put together and fun all around.

Themes aren't just for the ladies, and you can create something that can go on throughout the entire trip. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience so put in the extra effort with the rest of the groomsmen for something that will leave him speechless. And remember, at the end of the day, it's all about who you are with.


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